Bad Newz Vick

Michael Vick your NFL Football dreams are history.
Your "Bad Newz Kennels" has as we predicted... taken you down. Your good friends and co-harts in crime have all rolled over on you...
The despicable treatment of animals that you engaged in will not be forgotten.
The dogs will have their revenge...
The indictment

Vick Case Links
23 months in the slammer for Vick
Vick lies boosted jail time.

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Virginia indicts Vick on dogfighting charges

Vick's crime as disturbing as his downfall is shocking

A disgrace to humankind

Vick's plea doesn't cure his sickness

Vick will never experience the pain he doled out

Dog Killer Vick agrees to plea deal

Cohorts Say Vick's A Dog Killer

Co-defendants say Vick helped execute dogs

Vick attorneys negotiating plea... Falcons QB would serve prison time if agreement reached

Not just bad, Vick's horrific

Vick scrambles as two cop pleas

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